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Your journey

Your journey with The Wild Halo starts by us getting to know you. We want to know exactly what gets your imagination going. We do this through a variety of methods; from collaborative Pinterest moodboards to phone calls to video calls. It is so important that we understand the tone and mood you are looking to create, therefore we are in touch with you throughout the entire design process ensuring that you receive regular updates and are 100% happy with everything we create. We firmly believe that some of our strongest qualities are communication and a human approach.

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after The Wild Halo process.

We truly love what we do and we believe that shows in everything we make. We promise to provide a personable approach, beautiful products and really seamless journey.  

Get in Touch
Your journey: Why Choose Us?

You & The Wild Halo

3 steps to floral magic

Step 1: The conversation starter

Get in touch, give us a call, email or even WhatsApp. This step is where we get to know you and understand what kind of things inspire you. We'll set up a collaborative Pinterest board for you so we can see what direction you're looking to take your space or event in preparation for a call or a face to face/video
coffee chat. This is where we will discuss your ideas, requirements and budget and really familiarise ourselves with your end goal. During this call, we'll also arrange a time to visit and get a feel for your space.

Step 2: The design process

Once we have completed step 1, we'll go away and create some moodboards for you and provide you with a range of options - we like to make sure that we can give you perspective on a selection of design ideas, cost and timescales! You'll be able to decide on the best route for you and then we can get to work. Throughout the making stage, we'll send you regular updates and photos to give you peace of mind or you can choose to keep it a surprise!

Step 3: The grand unveiling

The final stage of your journey, the part we have all been waiting for! This is where we fit your installation or come and set up for your event and you can finally see your ideas come to life. We offer free set up and delivery with the first 20 miles for any event hire and 6 months warranty for any installations. We're here to support long after your grand unveiling so never hesitate to drop us a message or give us a call - we'll never be too far away!

There you have it - your journey in 3 easy steps!

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