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Meet the team

We are Fatima & Monica and we are The Wild Halo. Mom and daughter duo with a wealth of creative experience and a thirst for trying out new things!

We have always made together, whether it's drawing, painting, printing or building - we've done it! We have explored our individual, creative paths and some how found our way back to each other so being in business together seemed the obvious choice. It's pretty clear now that 'together is better'.

When you choose us, what you'll get is an honest, family business committed to bringing their best selves to make your day perfect! Creating bespoke event decor, home accessories and floral installations makes our hearts sing but we're even happier when we see your reaction.

Our goal is to make beautiful, out of the ordinary items with the utmost quality faux florals (believe it or not, we spend more time sourcing than we do making!). Our promise to you is, you will never, ever get anything short of our very best work.

See you soon

Fatima & Monica


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