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Looking to add that wow factor to your business and have all of your clients talking about your space?

Then look no further - We now offer bespoke floral installations and we are here to help you build a beautiful atmosphere and evoke all the right emotions in your space.

Installations: Why Choose Us?

Bespoke design service

 We believe in really understanding what you want to achieve from your space and will work with you using a variety of resources to ensure you create the atmosphere you desire for your clients.


Highest quality craftsmanship

We firmly believe this is one of our strongest qualities when compared against others. We source the finest quality materials and the most reliable tradesmen to carry out your installation. Our installations are guaranteed to have maximum design impact and longevity.


Accurate and Honest

We guarantee to provide the highest level of professionalism, and we promise to follow up after every installation to ensure you are completely happy. Not 100% satisfied with your item? We’ll do everything we can to correct the problem. We’ll leave you a satisfied customer and are confident you’ll come back for more.

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